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Wyandot Specials Newsletter

Wyandot Specials Newsletter



Wonder Lab

We have had an amazing start to the school year! Students learned that STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) is what Wonder Lab is all about. We have learned about what architects and engineers do. Currently we are learning about CODING and experiencing different coding stations, using robots and also have some “unplugged” coding stations. Coming up we will get into construction/tools, building and taking things apart. We will learn about how things move and include simple machines (ramp, pulley, wheel/axle etc.) in that learning. Wind and nature will come into our Wonder Lab experiences once spring arrives.

Please take a look at our twitter page @McDonellWonder

Mrs. McDonell



(social/emotional learning)

We have learned a lot of important things in SEL, so far this year. We have talked about respecting personal space, using clues from body language to help us know how to engage with others, how to be a good listener, what size problems are and how the reaction should match the problem, and some great strategies we can use to calm down those really big feelings we sometimes get. So many of the students have been seen using these strategies, or telling me of times that they have used them. I love that we get to learn how to be the best version of ourselves by learning about these important SEL concepts and ideas! Lots more fun to come as the year progresses!!

Mrs. Shanklin



Technology is off to a great start this year. Kindergarten has learned about the Common Sense Media tech friends that will be helping us learn all about digital citizenship. Arms helps us stay balanced with our tech time. Head tells us to ask questions about the things we see online. Heart tells us to always be kind online. Guts tells us to trust our gut and when something doesn’t seems right online we should get a grown-up to help. Feet tells us to be careful of our digital footprints and keep our information private. Legs tells us to stand up for ourselves when someone might not be nice online. We’ve also been introduced to the iPad, how to plug our headphones in safely, how to swipe to close an app all while enjoying the website Starfall. First Grade has been spending their time on Chromebook in our Seesaw program. We had a great time taking our pictures and decorating them to be our Seesaw icons. We also continued our conversation about pausing when we have big emotions online. Sometimes we pause and go do something else. Sometimes we pause and get a grown-up for help. We’ll next be focusing on our mouse skills with the Chromebooks track pad. Second Grade started off practicing our Onelogin passwords. This is a big step in responsibility during technology time. Once we were consistent with our passwords, we used our Google Drive and learned all about different fonts and styles in a Google Doc. More recently, we’ve started learning to type withTyping Club. We have 3 goals when we work in Typing Club. 1. Know where all the letters are. 2. Know which finger to type each letter. 3. Don’t look. That last one is for sure the hardest!

Mrs. Jeffers